What's all this then?

The continuing story of a fat lad who's gone to the dogs.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Friday, January 30, 2015

..You're weak on Twitter .

z) Inflammation terminates; man runs to station, resumes role as lead generator for arms sales.  
Conflagration ensues.

  • Inflammation subsiding; side glance blows rep off top rung. Protests: "I've got a wife and family to feed."
5mg prognost with meals

3) Inflammation griping. Timely administration of arnica reveals extent of insult. Consider analgesia. Selective amnesia.

  • Inflamed indignation! Slap-cheeked reeling step back; set up for a fall. Blameless sclerotic impediment on A+E $tati$tic$.

A) Initial Inflammation

Imbibing, careless comments cause

town-like malice, 

drawing blow. Just desserts for precedent pride.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

No change; all change.

Christmas comes but once a year. It's my usual time for a streaming cold. No change this year.

Consequently I'm feeling a little sorry for myself, albeit 1 on a scale of 100. With so many things to feel grateful for, a little break in the cycle(ing) is no more than a minor inconvenience.

Tuesdays have been a dead loss in the run up to the festivities. I'll try once more after New Year and then stick to the solo silo. In all honesty I imagine I'll struggle to keep the momentum going as work enters its fever pitch.

The targets for the coming year, bike wise, remain simple. HONC 100km with Isaac. Ride some more regular MTB "destination" days with him too, to try and keep some exercise in his exam regime. OMM bike if the location is right. And then the main event being a better time in the Dartmoor Classic. That takes me to June, when I plan to start regular tandem outings with Jo.

Along the way I need to make sure there's visits to Allun and Gaz and then this simple man will be happy. ACG/BKV and Shipham will no doubt feature en route.

There's also the small matter of building a Garden Room. A fitting 50th present for Jo! Allun, you don't know what you started with a few stray words...

So Happy New Year to all.